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linux can not install

Discussion in 'Beginners Section' started by JesseRagaiolo, May 7, 2018.

  1. JesseRagaiolo

    JesseRagaiolo New Member

    May 6, 2018
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    good morning. as the title is my laptop (ASUS FX553V) that does not want to install Linux. I'm not a neophyte and I have a little bit of skill with the PC. I tried more versions besides Kali being careful to choose the right architecture and checking that the sha256sum corresponded. excluding the problem of ISO I thought of the bios but it detects every time the dichi (both usb and cd) of startup and actually making them start. I find myself having any live distribution I launch hangs on the loading logo and it stays like that for hours. if I try to install ubuntu not even start kali but I get to install the operating system and crashes saying "one of the steps of the installation was not successful" the step in question is precisely the installation of the system. I have 2 disks a 128 ssd with w10 and a hdd I would like to use for Linux where I also hold the w10 data. I partitioned it leaving 31gb for kali. even in virtual box I can install it, blocking me at the usual point. here of course someone knows a lot more about me and I ask for his help ...
    thank you.

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